Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Primark perfume review: Can £6 Flora Exotica compete with designer brands?

Flora Exotica eau de toilette, £6, Primark
Judging by the monsoon-like downpours I drove home through last night, I think it's safe to say summer has come to an end - no matter how hard we try to deny it.

All the shops seem to be full of chunky knits and autumn colours but that doesn't mean we have to give up on sunny days entirely though, right?

When it comes to the beauty section at Primark, I can't say I've ventured further than make up sponges (so cheap, so good!) and nail polish before but something about this perfume caught my eye. I was running low on my Marc Jacobs anyway so figured I'd give it a sniff.

Both Next and M&S do amazing scents for half the price of designer brands so I'm no stranger to High Street perfumes - but with a £6 price tag could Primark really compete?

Well, the short answer is yes - with a catch. I smelt about three or four in the shop and Flora Exotica was the only one that didn't just ring of cheap body spray to my delicate nostrils. That being said, this tropical treat is superb.

The best way I can describe it without you actually smelling it is this: you know the smell of Hollister? That overpowering whiff you totally hate but kind of love all at once? Well it's like that, except with a grown up undertone to it. Below all that tropical freshness is this lovely deep sandalwood scent that reminds me of bonfires on the beach and walks around bustling foreign marketplaces on baking hot days.

Sure this may be a summer scent but for these last days before autumn properly hits us, it is absolutely perfect to keep that heat sizzling. It's quite strong and lasts all day (or night!) and hasn't disagreed with my sensitive skin once.

Overall I would highly recommend this tropical delight to perk up your September days.

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