Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Primark haul: splurging on summer wear

I'm going to apologise straight off and say I have no idea what the prices are for half of these products. Brilliant blogger, right? I was supposed to keep the receipt in a safe place - and I did. It's just so safe, I forgot. 

Anyway, let's just mosey on with the vague assumption that this came to about £60 in total.

Black suede material kitten heels, Primark
First up are this lovely little kitten heel slingbacks. So not me, I hate pointed shoes (I always think they look like penguin's flippers, for some reason) but I was in total Primark binge mode so I thought I'd try them anyway. They had really nice baby pink ones as well, which I kind of wish I'd bought over the black - but you just can never go wrong with a good black heel so it was a function over fashion choice.

Paddington Bear pyjama bottoms, £8, Primark
Of course, I bought some pyjamas too. It's so hard to resist them, especially when they're only £8 for such cute patterns. I've been obsessed with Paddington since seeing the film at Christmas time - if you haven't watched it yet, you really really need to.

Stripy top, £6; Black top, £8, both Primark
These two versatile tops are great for work, smart-casual dressing, whatever really. The stripy top has a cowl neck and is more fitted, while the black sports a roll neck and flows down, hanging loosely to just below the waist.

Leaf print monochrome duster jacket, £17, Primark
This jacket was one of those that you spot on a mannequin and sprint halfway across the shop to pick up. It's a loose duster shape, in soft material with sleeves you can push up your arms. Again, it's adaptable: I've worn it to work and casually and it looked great both times (even if I do say so myself).

Gold collar necklace, from a set of three, Primark
The necklace pictured was part of a set of three, but I ended up giving the other two to my mum, because this thin gold collar was all I really wanted. I've been admiring a brushed gold version from Topshop for a while but wasn't overly keen on paying £10 for something I knew I would save for special occasions. The Primark set on the other hand was something like £3, or £3.50. I've had to shorten the chain slightly but to save a few quid it was completely worth it.

Passion fruit and vanilla cream candle; pineapple and ginger candle; Moroccan copper fairy lights, all Primark
And finally, no Primark trip would be complete without a scout around the homeware. The candles - passion fruit and vanilla cream, and pineapple and ginger - smell absolutely amazing: light and a perfect spring scent if you're not overly keen on florals. The fairy lights, meanwhile, are tiny little Moroccan-style lanterns, and will completely satisfy any copper homeware cravings you might have!

Let me know what you think of my Primark purchases in the comments below :)

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