Sunday, 5 April 2015

On being more impulsive in little ways

I am a very stressful person by nature and have to have things planned exactly - and if those plans don't go as I want them to, usually it really affects my mood.

The last few years have seen all that change though, moving in with a man who is intrinsically laidback has meant that I've really had to tone down the Type A so that we work better together.

And one part of that has meant becoming more impulsive, and less controlling. Our house isn't the Pinterest-perfect haven I want it to be (yet), and I've achieved less in the last year overall than I would have liked to but, weirdly, considering it's not the life I would typically stress over achieving, I'm a lot happier.

The lovely ladies at Diet Coke emailed over some really interesting stats recently, as they launch their new 'Regret Nothing' campaign, inspiring women to be more impulsive, and encourage us to create positive experiences, adventures and fulfilment. According to their survey, only 31% of women do something outside their comfort zone every year - and the average female has five major regrets to obsess over.

In the modern age of having all, this is quite shocking. Yes, I read all the magazine features on fear of missing out etc etc. But when you put into such succinct numbers, it seems personal. For the majority, myself included, to still be fairly reserved and worrying that they're not living an Instagram ideal life is a blunt reminder that we really do put far too much pressure on ourselves.

Now it's all very well and good me harping on from behind a keyboard but just exactly how can you be more impulsive? Surely planning impulsive acts makes it non-spontaneous?

Well the way I do it is to just say yes to the little things, and for every bad thought I have, I make myself flip it on its head.

So every once in a while I turn down extra work because I just want a little time for me; I have an extra biccy with my tea just because I fancy it; I book little trips away and don't worry about the money or taking tons of photos to share on social media...I just enjoy myself.

It's not the most glamorous life, and it's certainly not the most exciting but acting on these little impulses has made me a thousand times happier.

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