Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Zara and Topshop haul: this is why you should always shop end of sale

No matter what time of year it is, When I go shopping I head straight for the sale racks. Call me crazy but there are some real gems to be found hanging on that little rail tucked at the back of the shop.

Sure, there's a lot of make up stains, missing embellishments, and pulled and scagged material to wade through, but I've found some of my best bargain buys at the end of or outside sale season.

Navy and khaki linen t-shirts, Zara, £3.99 instead of £15.99 each; Tassel necklace, Freedom at Topshop, £1 instead of £7.50 
Take this little haul for example - I paid £42 for £145 worth of fashion.

Let me say that again - I SAVED MORE THAN £100 ON STYLE STAPLES.

Leather and ponyskin shoulder bag, £9.99 instead of £39.99, Zara 
I'm going to admit straight away that this has actually come from more than one shopping trip but, to be fair, that's the best way to sale shop. You can't just hit them all at once or you'll end up getting overwhelmed. Sale shopping is like a fine (if very shallow) art that you have to refine over time.

I bought this gorgeous leather and ponyskin bag from Zara this week along with the two linen mix basic slouchy tees above. Full price it would have totalled £71.97 - I paid £17.97. Even the sales assistant at the tills was shocked at that price.

The necklace in the first picture is a gem from Freedom at Topshop. My FAVOURITE Outfit store is closing down and having a massive clearance event. I stopped by last weekend to see if there was anything decent left but it was mostly bodycon by that point. After ambling around for a while I figured it couldn't hurt to try my luck with the accessories section, and I wasn't wrong - this was reduced from £7.50 to just £1.

I can't remember the exact price of this Topshop dress but I'm pretty sure it was between £30-£40 originally
Short of putting this dress on and spinning in a circle, photographing it proved to be verrry difficult so it may not like much here but honestly I am in love with this dress - and the £10 price tag meant I just couldn't leave it in Topshop.

It's just so not me: I hate orange, I hate orange and blue even more, I always avoid ditsy florals, open backs aren't my thing, this kind of shiny material usually bugs the hell out of me...and yet all of that combined has somehow just made for a perfect dress.

It might look a little cold to be wearing at the moment but with some tights, ankle boots - and a light leather jacket it looks fantastic!

Floaty top, reduced to £12.99 from £25.99, Zara
The same can't be said for this gorgeous white top however (which worryingly looks like a Christening gown in these photos...) It's got plenty of layers but this is definitely one for summer! Reduced to £12.99, this has very sadly fallen prey to the orange-faced make up monster and has a splash of foundation smeared across the neckline. It'll come out with a quick handwash but seriously, who a) wears so much make up it rubs off and b) wears that much to go shopping?!

That aside, it's the only problem I've encountered in this gorgeous haul. If you haven't become a sales obsessive yet then I highly recommend you start. I didn't see any of these pieces in the original reduction events which just goes to show it's always worth having a look.

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