Thursday, 5 March 2015

Empty cupboards (or how to make dinner when you have nothing in the house)

The amount of time I've spent looking in my cupboards and wondering what to eat lately is kind of ridiculous. We've both been so busy - and ill - that the house seems to be constantly in a state of not having the right food in. 

When it comes to cooking, I tend to avoid packet mixes of herbs and spices. The cost of a little sachet for one time use compared to stocking up the store cupboard with bigger individual jars of each flavour for not much more seems like a waste of money.

That is, unless you're planning a Mexican feast, when you really need to combine a *lot* of tastes.

Enter Old El Paso

I've never tried anything from the brand before, always buying the basics and combining them myself but when the lovely ladies from OEP offered to send me a little treat box from their range last week, I couldn't resist. Unless it's chilli I never really cook Mexican foods, and then it’ll take me a whole Sunday afternoon to slow cook some freezable portions.

But I have to admit, Old El Paso has really changed my outlook: the yummy (fairly healthy) chilli burritos pictured above were so easy to make that I whipped them up after a late work finish.

The instructions on the back of Spice Mix for Chilli are really easy to follow, resulting in what was apparently “the best thing you’ve ever cooked. Ever. Honestly, make this every week.” (Thanks to the boyf for that glowing review).

Then it was just a case of wrapping the mix up in some Super Soft Tortillas, adding a bit of salsa and putting a generous handful of the DELICIOUS Old El Paso Mexican Wedges on our plates.

And that was it - simple, basic - but very tasty - and well worth a try. You only need a few extra ingredients on top of the spices to make a very satisfying meal.

If you fancy getting a bit more creative with your Mexican meals, check out the Old El Paso recipe section on their website - there are some seriously good looking foods on there!

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