Thursday, 19 March 2015

9 denim dress that won't make you look like a cowgirl

March 2015 is becoming the month of the denim dress. Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting the perfect one. Lucky old me picked a really cute pale blue smock version with pockets from Topshop last summer (during the sale obv) but I'm seriously considering eBaying for an upgrade.

The thing is that most of my current wardrobe leans towards the smart work wear side of things so any denim garment I buy has to be stylish enough to detract from the material. Denim dresses tend to look like they're better suited to cutesy cowgirls - a big no-no for a reporter like me. 

Each of these dresses may look fairly casual in themselves but with denim it's all about adding accessories to a a versatile canvas: a blazer here, or a statement necklace there and you can completely change the look of any of them. 

From top, left to right:
  1. La Fee Maraboutee sleeveless denim dress, £53.40, House Of Fraser
  2. 1969 pleated denim dress, £15.99, Gap
  3. Utility shift dress, £45, Oasis
  4. ASOS waisted denim t-Shirt dress in textured fabric, £32, ASOS
  5. Hudson long sleeve denim shift dress, £25, Missguided
  6. Buttoned denim shirt dress, £21, Forever 21
  7. MOTO Indigo Wash T-Shirt Dress, £38, Topshop
  8. Sugarhill Boutique denim polka skater dress, £18, House Of Fraser
  9. Denim stripe sleeveless wrap dress, £35, River Island

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