Thursday, 19 March 2015

9 denim dress that won't make you look like a cowgirl

March 2015 is becoming the month of the denim dress. Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting the perfect one. Lucky old me picked a really cute pale blue smock version with pockets from Topshop last summer (during the sale obv) but I'm seriously considering eBaying for an upgrade.

The thing is that most of my current wardrobe leans towards the smart work wear side of things so any denim garment I buy has to be stylish enough to detract from the material. Denim dresses tend to look like they're better suited to cutesy cowgirls - a big no-no for a reporter like me. 

Each of these dresses may look fairly casual in themselves but with denim it's all about adding accessories to a a versatile canvas: a blazer here, or a statement necklace there and you can completely change the look of any of them. 

From top, left to right:
  1. La Fee Maraboutee sleeveless denim dress, £53.40, House Of Fraser
  2. 1969 pleated denim dress, £15.99, Gap
  3. Utility shift dress, £45, Oasis
  4. ASOS waisted denim t-Shirt dress in textured fabric, £32, ASOS
  5. Hudson long sleeve denim shift dress, £25, Missguided
  6. Buttoned denim shirt dress, £21, Forever 21
  7. MOTO Indigo Wash T-Shirt Dress, £38, Topshop
  8. Sugarhill Boutique denim polka skater dress, £18, House Of Fraser
  9. Denim stripe sleeveless wrap dress, £35, River Island

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Zara and Topshop haul: this is why you should always shop end of sale

No matter what time of year it is, When I go shopping I head straight for the sale racks. Call me crazy but there are some real gems to be found hanging on that little rail tucked at the back of the shop.

Sure, there's a lot of make up stains, missing embellishments, and pulled and scagged material to wade through, but I've found some of my best bargain buys at the end of or outside sale season.

Navy and khaki linen t-shirts, Zara, £3.99 instead of £15.99 each; Tassel necklace, Freedom at Topshop, £1 instead of £7.50 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Empty cupboards (or how to make dinner when you have nothing in the house)

The amount of time I've spent looking in my cupboards and wondering what to eat lately is kind of ridiculous. We've both been so busy - and ill - that the house seems to be constantly in a state of not having the right food in. 

When it comes to cooking, I tend to avoid packet mixes of herbs and spices. The cost of a little sachet for one time use compared to stocking up the store cupboard with bigger individual jars of each flavour for not much more seems like a waste of money.

That is, unless you're planning a Mexican feast, when you really need to combine a *lot* of tastes.

Enter Old El Paso

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Autumn 2016: This is the season of sentimentality

It started with a dress - a wedding dress to be precise. But not any old wedding dress, the one all celeb followers have been waiting for-ev-er to see: Angelina Jolie's.
Her simple gown and veil covered with scribbles and doodles may not have been to everyone's taste but it epitomised the real reason why Angelina and Brad Pitt waited until August 2014 to get married. It was the final piece in their perfect family jigsaw. They were content, settled and surrounded by love and happiness with their brood of children - and marriage, for them, was just a little footnote to their lives.

Fashion isn't typically for the sentimental: you get touches of it here and there - take Chanel's tweed for example, loved and used in every collection since the days of Coco - but clothes are more throw away these days, with only a few making it into fashion halls of fame.

But this is the season that all that changes.

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