Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The 17 stages of getting a bad haircut (as told by Anne Hathaway)

So you've decided on a change.

And after hours of searching, you have found the *perfect* new style for your locks.

You walk into the hairdresser and are all like, yes I CAN DO THIS.

The scissors start flying around and everything's looking great.

You start getting excited about the big reveal.

Then, all of a sudden, the worst happens...

You bluff your way through the rest of the appointment, eventually running home to assess the damage.

You curse yourself for not speaking up, and telling your stylist that whatever is happening on top of your head is NOT OK.

Then come the tears.

And the guilt, as you realise there are starving kids out there but right now this struggle is far too real for you to deal with.

People try to console you, and although you know you're being a bit ridic, you just can't help yourself.

It wasn't just hair!!!

But then, one day, something strange happens...


Honestly, it's a bloomin' miracle.

You walk out the house and it's like the world is made anew.

(Until two weeks later when the process starts all over again)

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