Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wright's food emporium: a birthday treat on a crisp day in Carmarthenshire

Sickness meant that my birthday celebrations were a little bit delayed this year, so it wasn't until last weekend that we managed to make it to Carmarthenshire for a Sunday lunch with the family.

There's not many places where I live that get me that excited about food. Except for the 'spoons down the road - I could eat their onion rings until I die. 

*Ahem* What I meant to say is I love trying new restaurants but it's a tough job to get on my favourites list.

White bean and beet veggie burger with Hafod cheese, £8, and scoops of strawberry, coffee and salted caramel, £5
My dad suggested Wright's food emporium for a birthday treat a while ago. I'd sort of vaguely heard of it so didn't know what to expect, but the good, wholesome, homemade food on offer looked seriously impressive.

I mean, it's not often I'll deal with having a burger and no chips alongside it, but these incredible buns were just perfect.

I had the insanely good white bean and beet burger above, with huge dollops of catsup to dip into. I've had plenty of veggie burgers in my time but this one tops the list. It was stodgy enough to be filling, and the sauce gently splodged under the roll compliment the light bean and beet mix.

Hazelwell farm beef burger with pickled red onions and rarebit topping, £8.50, and one very tasty cappuccino
The ice cream, meanwhile, was just the right kind of creamy, just the right amount of flavour, and just the right size too, after that eye-popping burger.

All in all, I have to say that everything at Wright's was exactly what this birthday girl needed as a little pick me up after being ill over Christmas.

Some of the delectable treats on offer in the Wright's shop

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