Friday, 5 December 2014

Holidays in my very own home

Wooden decorations, £3, Tesco
Everyone knows that the first sign Santa is on his way is the Coca-Cola advert. I mean, sure, there's the endearingly sweet John Lewis offerings, but there was nothing that could get me quite as excited when I was a kid as the sound of "Holidays are coming..."

This year I'm starting from scratch when it comes to Christmas. I'm in a new house, with no decorations and a blank canvas. But with a few little gifts, and a secondhand tree, it's slowly coming together.

Bottle and bauble, c/o Coca-Cola
The lovely ladies over at Coke very nicely started off my decorating with the pretty little bottle above - and it's inspired me to create a little more homemade magic this year.

My tiny little journalist's salary means that I just can't afford to buy all my decorations at Liberty this year so things are going to have to get a little bit more creative. I'm something cute, folksy and understated so watch this space.

A little gift from Dubrovnik

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