Thursday, 20 November 2014

You're never too old for a slogan top

Something curious happened when I hit 26: my wardrobe become muted, less full of the patterns and bright colours I'd lived in until then and more...well, I'd call it hopeful Parisian.

But the thing is, there are only so many French slogan tops you can buy until you get really sick of the words 'cheri' and 'amour'. In fact, there are only so many slogan tops you can buy before you get really sick of the lines we're brandishing across our chests: I mean who really cares anymore if shopping is your cardio, or how you feel about your ex-boyfriend.

Just like brains shouldn't concede to beauty, they shouldn't to your style either :)

1. Dream goals sweater, £57.95, Nelly; 2.Nothing to hide tee, £22, Topshop; 3. Gold element sweatshirt, £25, River Island; 4. I'm an entrepreneur, bitch, £28, Tease and Totes; 5.Baum und Pferdgarten Eira T-Shirt with Slogan, £29, Asos

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