Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The one gift everyone should be giving this Christmas

It's one month to go until Christmas and I haven't even started to think about buying gifts.

It's funny, usually I love treating my family and friends with little festive pressies, but this year I'm just not that in to it - and I blame Sainsbury's.

A few weeks back, when the supermarket chain's new advert first started to air, I was sat in my living room, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and bawling my eyes out.

The football on the battlefield story is one I first heard about from a Horrible Histories book when I was about 7 or 8, and to this day I’ve regarded it with a bit of bemusement and humour (although the latter is probably from the undoubtedly rib-tickling cartoon that appeared on the page).

It wasn’t until I saw the Sainsbury's campaign, at the ripe old age of *very nearly* 27 that I fully realised what that one single event meant to so many men – some of whom survived the war with little more good memories than playing footie in no man’s land.

I'm not going to go into the all the criticism that Sainsbury's has sustained for the ad here, for even if it is commercialising a momentous occasion from 100 years ago, the message it promotes is what the Christmas spirit should be all about: peace, harmony and moments of happiness.

That is why I urge you, next time you pop to the shop, to pick up a bar or two of their limited edition chocolate featured in the advert. 50p of the £1 price goes to the Royal British Legion, to help support the service men and women who have made sure over the last century that we have a safe home to celebrate Christmas in.

More than just a stocking filler: Limited edition chocolate bar, £1, Sainsbury's

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