Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Coach bags out of your price range? Then head to Next

£290, Coach
The amount of times I write that I am obsessed over this bag or that dress on this blog must make me seem a little bit nutty. BUT JUST LOOK AT THIS BAG.

This mini cross-body bag from Coach is pretty much all I want in my wardrobe this winter. The pattern, the jewels, the shape, it's just perfection in a clutch.
£28, Next

Anyway, same problem as always with these bargain posts - it is way out of my price range. I mean I'd have to give up living for a month to afford it.

This boxy bag from Next may not be an exact copy but it sure is a good little tribute to Coach's design. It's just as sleek and pretty damn sparkly but with the added benefit of being just 10% of the designer bag's price.

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