Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: Poundland's make up range is the bargain beauty you need in your life

The scenes of utter devastation at my local Poundland
You'll have to forgive me for not doing a full review of the Poundland make up range, I suffer from the most sensitive skin so any real make up review would go along the lines of, "fayi theee eyes sitll swolltb gitu". [Read: Day three - eyes still swollen shut] But I was determined to take a look nonetheless.

As you can see, most of the 100 piece range was sold out by the time I made it down to my local Poundland, but there were still a lot of mascaras and nail polishes available - which, unlike some bargain ranges, come in actual decent colours that a normal human being would want to wear.

Yup, I'd wear these.
The same goes for the eye colours, foundation and lipsticks too - they all appeared to be actual nice shades. Not too vibrant, not too garish, just right.

All of the nail polishes looked pretty decent on the stand, but I figured I'd go for the one that beauty brands always struggle to get right (and, the one thing I spent most of my pocket money on in the pound shop as a kid): this gold glittery puppy.

I've had so many glitter polishes that are just absolutely appalling, leaving splotches and gaps, not drying properly, generally just being the bane of my life, but this little gold bottle holds something magical.

Sparkles make my world go round.
So I skipped home (not literally) to buff my nails. These photos are all without top and base coat so you can see what it's actually like - i.e. fanbloodytastic.

This is actually one of the best polishes I now own. The coverage is great, the brush is perfect and it only took two coats to get a nice strong glitter on there. 24 hours after wearing, it's only chipped in one place - which is a feat for me: if I don't use top coat, I usually ruin my nails in minutes.

I can't think of a bad thing to say about it: it's such a subtle shimmer and strong paint that I can't believe it only cost a quid.

Overall verdict: BUY THIS NOW. I'm going back with a tenner on my lunch break to get more of the varnishes, and might even risk an eyeshadow too.

For a full review of the whole collection, check out @GemFatale's work for Cosmo. She's one I usually trust and her article is very thorough!

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