Tuesday, 28 October 2014

On Autumn time with Swatch

Swatches, Swatches, everywhere...
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Swatch watches. To this day I've never owned one (sadly!) but there's something about their quirky style that still manages to catch my eye year after year.

Back in August, the Swatch store in St David's shopping centre, Cardiff, invited me to see their stylish new Autumn/Winter range. It's a combination of quirky heritage styles and - these were the ones I just wanted to spend all my money on - more chic pieces.

My eight year old self would be fangirling her heart out over these
Chatting to the lovely ladies at the Cardiff branch, we moved on to the topic of watches as an item of fashion. I own about six watches (weirdly, considering I haven't bought one since I was in school) and to be quite frank a shop dedicated to just one main item seems a little bit strange. But although us Brits see watches as more of an afterthought, in the rest of Europe they are much more of a trend piece, bought to suit individual outfits.

What could be more Autumn/Winter than a bit of tartan?
These Scottish heritage tartan pattern watches may not be to everyone's taste, but when it comes to something that will brighten up a dull winter outfit, what more could you want? They're lightweight, seriously stylish, and rock more than a little touch of Vivienne Westwood couture style.

A little watch with an even smaller surprise
Ah a classic Swatch watch, simple, colourful, end of. Except it's not end of. The watches on the left hold a tiny, tiny secret - they actually weigh nothing. I mean seriously, they're the same old durable, vibrant Swatch but practically paper thin and just as light. More than worth a mention on your Christmas list if you're the kind of girl who isn't into chunky jewellery.

These watches mean business

And finally, now this is a watch I can get on board with. I wouldn't be a halfway decent fashion blogger if I didn't love a bit of rose gold so of course I gravitated towards these beauties as soon as I could. This season Swatch is upping its fashion game, offering more than just the quirky looks we're used to and bring the kind of watches you just have to wear to all those Christmas parties. 

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