Thursday, 30 October 2014

14 easy peasey last minute halloween nail art ideas

 You don't have to be an expert manicurist to recreate these halloween manicures.

1. No crystals? No problem. Just use a sparkly paint instead

2. Two paints and a toothpick is all you need to make these ghoulish nails

3. Starting three-quarters down the nail, streak some metallic paint on top of a black layer and pick out the two eyes before it dries

4. Pick up a quirky polish on the way home and you can sort your nails out during your commute

5. The messier the better for these nails

6. File to a point and cover with matte paint. Simples.

7. Dab your finger tips with black face paint for this look

8. Use scotch tape to style this safe-for-work design

9. No need to worry about these cat eyes chipping

10. Blood never looked so stylish...

11. Stripes and smudges

12. Layer sparkles and metallics for these nails

13. Blot a brighter shade on to the tips of your nails with a make up sponge

14. A new take on the French manicure

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