Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Primark shopping haul: 4 things for £10

August was a lean month in the Chic & Cheerful household - but lucky for me Primark are doing amazingly cheap things at the moment!

A week or two back I broke out of my shopping ban and went on a mini splurge, but with only £10 to my name, I had to head straight to the accessories section to get my shopping fix.

Fine gold bracelets, £1.50 for three, Primark
I usually avoid Primark jewellery like the plague: it has always been just a bit too bling for my liking. But lately they're really upped their game and come out with some super chic treats.

Gold stacking and midi rings, £1.50 for 5, Primark
These rings and bracelets above were only £1.50 per set - and I love them! The bracelets are really delicate, while the rings are great for a bit of mix and match.

Cat bag, £6, Primark
I'm sure I've seen a cat face designer bag somewhere but can't for the life of me place it. Regardless, this cute cross-over is purrfect (sorry not sorry for terrible puns) for all my essentials.

White nail polish, £1, Primark
And finally, I added this nail varnish to my basket. At only £1 I wasn't expecting much but it's pretty good. It doesn't last as long as some brand name paints but the coverage was good and it dries pretty quickly.

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