Monday, 4 August 2014

Bargain of the week: Real Techniques make up brush dupes at Wilko

Let's play a little game: guess which one of these is an expertly developed make up brush, and which one I picked up on the high street for a couple of quid.

Got it? Yup, that's right - the big powder brush is from beauty bloggers' favourite Real Techniques, but the other two - the eyeliner and eye smudger brushes - are from good old Wilko.

Now I know what you're thinking: yes, they may look convincingly similar but when it comes to brushes we all know the proof is in the bristles. And actually the lookalike brushes from Wilko aren't half bad.

Real Techniques powder brush, £12.99, Boots; Smudge brush, £3, and Eyeliner brush, £3, both Wilko
I'm no make up artist but the Wilko tools suit my needs perfectly: they are just as soft, malleable and easy to hold as Real Techniques', and all at a fraction of RT price. 

The only downside I can foresee after a few uses is longevity. I haven't had any problems with bristles falling out yet, but have done in the past when buying cheaper brushes. In the meantime however, they're a cute and convenient way to perk up my make up bag.

Wilko premium brushes are £3-£4 and available in store and online. The range includes a lip brush, smokey eye duo brush, eyebrow comb, eyeliner brush (pictured above), eye make-up smudger (pictured above), concealer brush, foundation brush, blusher brush, stipler foundation brush and a powder brush.

Small confession: So when I went down to my local Wilko to pick up some lookalikes, I had intended to pick up a powder brush, to get a real measure of how good it was compared to the Real Techniques version. But, er, when I got there I was met with some pretty empty shelves - it looks like these bargain brushes are already a big hit!

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