Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A complete wedding guest outfit for £86

In a few weeks' time one of my besties will be walking down the aisle in what promises to be the most perfect wedding ever.

And a perfect wedding deserves a perfect outfit.

When it comes to buying a wedding guest ensemble, it is neither easy nor cheap if you want to look good. Even with a limited budget I wanted to make sure everything was just right for the big day...god, I'm starting to sound like it's me getting married!

Anyway, I present to you my complete (well, almost, minus the undies!) wedding outfit, bought for just £86. 

Blue jacquard dress, £30, Warehouse

I went for a light blue and grey colour scheme, after falling in love with this dress from Warehouse. Neither the colour nor the shape are something I would usually go for but I think the blue works well for a September wedding, and the dress is classy but still pretty.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Treasure hunting with the Diet Coke hunks

This is the coolest bit of merchandise I have ever owned.


When I was growing up, the most unusual name you could get on a keyring was Sara. No word of a lie - it's not exactly like Ruth is that wild! Anyway, so this tee and bottle from Diet Coke have actually made my life.

The DC girls sent these awesome gifts to celebrate the launch of Treasure Hunk, in association with my fave website ASOS.

If you haven't come across Treasure Hunk yet, it's a brill competition running on ASOS for the rest of the summer. Until mid-September, customers can win a ton of prizes courtesy of Diet Coke - including personalised bottles and quirky ring pull jewellery designed by the uber cool Katie Rowland.

Every day a hunky man will appear in an unexpected place on the ASOS site - all you have to do is crack the clues from the Diet Coke Facebook page and the ASOS Treasure Hunk page and track that man down!

To take part visit

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

How to make your summer wardrobe last longer

Marks & Spencers in Cardiff has been undergoing some pretty nifty transformations, and this week the Capital retail park store reopened to reveal a completely redesigned fashion haven. Having previously been a Home and Food shop, the branch now houses some of Marksies' brill fashion and top notch beauty ranges.

To promote the opening, the lovely Aelish, M&S Captial's womenswear section coordinator, has put together some sound advice for those awkward weeks between spring/summer and autumn/winter. You know the time - when you're not sure whether to ditch the florals and don the tights, or to hold out until the bitter(ly cold) end.

Mix and match is the way to do it
Sounds obvious but how many of us separate our clothes into summer and winter wardrobes? M&S's Edgy Limited Edition collection is showcasing some of this year's most vibrant colours with bright pinks alongside the powder blues of spring, and fantastic neons and metallics. Boho brand Indigo meanwhile is bringing softer purples and floral patterns to the fore, and over at per una lagoon blues, coral pinks, greens and greys create a relaxed, sophisticated look. And on top of that rainbow of colours, the tribal prints and patterns of M&S Collection make everyday classics pop.

But don't forget the bling 
If you like a bit of sparkle (and let's be honest who doesn't!), then you'll be happy to hear from Aelish that embellishment is key to staying in style for the trainsitional months, and there are plenty of gorgeous beaded pieces in all of the M&S collections.

Oh, and make a statement
Whether it's through a chunky necklace or flowing kimono, just one key piece can revamp your whole outfit. Invest in one standout out item and you'll be set until the A/W style season arrives.

Friday, 8 August 2014

That one song

View from Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, 2013
We all have that one song - the one tune that makes your heart jump into your throat, forcing a delightful mix of ecstasy, fear and excitement all at once.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer sales haul part two: H&M, River Island and Dorothy Perkins - all under £15!

It's not until I started writing this post that I realised how many bargains I had managed to bag. The sales are starting to wind down now but I highly recommend looking through those racks again - you never know what's been added or returned!

Pineapple skirt, £10, River Island
I first spotted this skirt over on Ghost Parties and knew I had to have it! Only thing was, it sold out in the sale online in minutes, and took me two store visits to eventually track it down. I think the bargain was worth it, although my poor boyfriend would probably disagree after being dragged along!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Bargain of the week: Real Techniques make up brush dupes at Wilko

Let's play a little game: guess which one of these is an expertly developed make up brush, and which one I picked up on the high street for a couple of quid.
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