Sunday, 29 June 2014

Week in pics: a big scoop and a new diet

This week has been pretty incredible as far as my career (and diet!) goes.

*Shameless brag alert* If you have been following the Primark sweatshop labels story, then I highly suggest you read this article. Working as a web journalist, my articles very rarely make it into actual, physical paper print - let alone onto the front page. So I've been feeling pretty smug the last few days, after I managed to scoop a national story, and helped Primark conclude their investigation. Y'know, all in a day's work(!)

French bulldog cushion, £4, Tesco
Every time I've been to Tesco lately I've had to resist this cute cushion. But after seeing it reduced to just £4 on Saturday, I just had to grab it. We probably don't need any more cushions on our tiny sofa but I just couldn't leave it there at that price! I'm starting to think I have a problem...

The Hungry Girl Diet book by Lisa Lillien, £15.78, Amazon
And finally, I kick-started my diet again this week. After trying and failing since Christmas to lose these last pounds I was willing to try anything. I'm not usually a fan of fad diets, having lost weight the good old-fashioned way before - through healthy eating and exercise - but the Hungry Girl diet book by Lisa Lillien has completely changed my mind.

I was convinced that there was no way I could lose 10lbs in just 4 weeks but 6 days in and I already think it's going to happen! The diet is really easy to follow, doesn't require that much effort and, best of all, I haven't been hungry once. The portions are absolutely massive, and carefully balanced to give you all the nutrients you need. I'll do a proper review when the four weeks are up but for now I'll say things are looking pretty good.

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