Monday, 9 June 2014

BotW: Free US and UK fashion magazines!

Settle down with a cuppa and your favourite magazine
If you're living in Wales at the moment then, boy, do I have the best news for you! If you're a Welsh library card holder you can get some of the best magazines on your tablet or phone for free. There's no catch, and no sneaky trial subscriptions, all you have to do is download the Zinio app, follow these instructions and away you go! More than 260 titles are available including, Elle US, Elle Decor, Cosmopolitan US, Marie Claire US and UK, and Nylon.

But if you don't have a Welsh library card then never fear - there are some amazing free fashion emags for you too read too:

It goes without saying that the ASOS magazine is one you can't miss. I could talk all day about how they're breaking the publishing mould by launch a print title after creating a successful ecommerce brand, but that's a conversation for another time and place. So for now I'll just say this: you need to read this magazine. Not only does it make for brilliant basket inspiration but it is also unlike any other title out there. First of all it's not overloaded with ads, and secondly it's ahead of all the trends that you're going to realistically be rocking this season. And that's not limited to fashion either: music, films, events, you name it they know about it.

ASOS magazine is published 10 times a year and delivered in print to premiere subscribers. You can read each issue in a very funky web format here.

2. Stylist
I am so glad Stylist finally went digital. As much as I do love the mad scramble to get an issue every time I'm in London, this has made my little rural life so much easier (and better read too). It's not just about fashion and beauty either, this is a thinking woman's magazine, full of brilliant features on things like travel, literature and women's rights too.

Stylist is a weekly title, available free of charge through the app store.

3. The Edit by Net-A-Porter
The Edit is Porter's little weekly sister, and a recent discovery for me. Everything is pretty much out of my price range but it's still an essential read in my book. It's the perfect read for a quick coffee break in work, combining high fashion styles with strong features (have a read of this week's piece from Arianna Huffington) in a really easy to read format.

Read The Edit weekly on the Net-A-Porter website.

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