Monday, 24 March 2014

BotW: Nail Rock wraps for just 99p!

Oh I do love a beauty bargain! I was wandering around B&M Bargains the other day (seriously, the best place in the world for brand name beauty offers - just look what I got for under a fiver a few months back...) and spotted these tucked away on a little display at the end of an aisle. They had a load of different patterns and colours but I went for these bright starry stickers to use as statement nails against a navy blue.

I tried Nail Rock wraps a while ago, when they collaborated with Meadham Kirchhoff for SS12. I'm not usually that keen on anything other than a good old coat of colour but I was so pleased with them. They're easy to apply, durable *and* on sale for only 99p in B&M at the moment. How can you say no?

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