Monday, 31 March 2014

BotW: a dress to impress (and organise)

I'm downsizing. Or at least attempting to downsize anyway. I'm about to go from two very tall, deep wardrobes to one narrow three door beauty and a chest of drawers. At first I was full of bittersweet excitement, going through all my stuff, rediscovering long forgotten things and sadly deciding to eBay or charity shop others. But now I'm panicking about where everything is going to go!

So in comes this little black jewellery hanger. With pockets on the front and Velcro tabs to hang necklaces on the back, it's a sleek, chic and slimline way to keep all your treasures safe. At the moment, they are selling for £26.99 in housewife's fave Lakeland but I got mine for just £1.99 in my fave B&M Bargains.

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