Monday, 31 March 2014

BotW: a dress to impress (and organise)

I'm downsizing. Or at least attempting to downsize anyway. I'm about to go from two very tall, deep wardrobes to one narrow three door beauty and a chest of drawers. At first I was full of bittersweet excitement, going through all my stuff, rediscovering long forgotten things and sadly deciding to eBay or charity shop others. But now I'm panicking about where everything is going to go!

So in comes this little black jewellery hanger. With pockets on the front and Velcro tabs to hang necklaces on the back, it's a sleek, chic and slimline way to keep all your treasures safe. At the moment, they are selling for £26.99 in housewife's fave Lakeland but I got mine for just £1.99 in my fave B&M Bargains.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Midweek treat: a New Look for your old blazer

White collarless blazer, £29.99, New Look
I have some news! As of next month, I'm going to be moving on to pastures new, with a very exciting job change: I'll be staying in journalism but will be moving out of business media and into the world of daily newspapers.

And this new change has called for a little bit of a wardrobe update - saying that, even if it hadn't there is no way I could leave this blazer hanging on the rack. A friend of mine spotted it when we were out for a cheeky day of shopping last week and I have to say I was *actually* surprised it was on sale in New Look. This is the kind of jacket you'd expect to splurge £80 on in Zara. The collarless double lapel front and crisp colour make for one chic piece you really should be snapping up!

Monday, 24 March 2014

BotW: Nail Rock wraps for just 99p!

Oh I do love a beauty bargain! I was wandering around B&M Bargains the other day (seriously, the best place in the world for brand name beauty offers - just look what I got for under a fiver a few months back...) and spotted these tucked away on a little display at the end of an aisle. They had a load of different patterns and colours but I went for these bright starry stickers to use as statement nails against a navy blue.

I tried Nail Rock wraps a while ago, when they collaborated with Meadham Kirchhoff for SS12. I'm not usually that keen on anything other than a good old coat of colour but I was so pleased with them. They're easy to apply, durable *and* on sale for only 99p in B&M at the moment. How can you say no?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Midweek treat: Bonbi Forest printed scarves

Blue Little Lovers scarf and berry Little Lovers scarf, both £30, Bonbi Forest
This morning I just about made it from front door to car without a big woolly coat. Spring is just around the corner (no, really, it is, I promise) and I am oh-so desperately close to ditching my heavy winter jacket and donning something lightweight instead.

These sweet little scarves from Bonbi Forest are my favourite thing in the world right now. They are pretty enough to perk up any outfit and just thick enough to keep out the last of the chill.

Bonbi Forest has tons of illustrated art, jewellery, clothing and printed home accessories that are so worth checking out, just visit

Monday, 17 March 2014

BotW: New Look-alike jumpers on Net-A-Porter

The birds are singing, the sun is very nearly shining and love is in the air. 

Ok, ok, no more shoe-horning this post in: these jumpers would have been so perfect for Valentine's Day last month but as a good friend of mine - who may or may not have forgotten to get his girlfriend a card - says, love should be celebrated all year round, not just on one commercialised day. Yeah, right mate, we *all* bought that one.

Cream be mine jumper, £22.99, New Look; Bella Freud kisses wool sweater, £250, Net-A-Porter
I heart this wool sweater from Bella Freud on Net-A-Porter, it genuinely looks like a hug in a jumper. Although at £250, I'd probably have to sell all my other jumpers to even have a chance of affording it. But this top from New Look is the perfect homage, don't you think? Same lovely sentiment and super cosy too, just what we need for these first few days of Spring.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Midweek treat: A little bit of me time

Every so often my life kind of implodes in on itself and I get a little bit busier than I would ideally like. Well, I say that, but ideally I would like to be on holiday all year round, lying on pure white beaches, eating fresh fish and drinking bucket loads of cocktails... *Ahem* anyway, back to the matter at hand - this week is full of appointments, deadlines, and not a lot of time for little old me.

Lily Flame wild jasmine scented candle, £8.50, c/0 Japonesque at John Lewis
Jo Malone white jasmine and mint home candle, £39, c/o Diet Coke
If you follow me on Instagram (username: chicandcheerful) you will have seen that I dedicated last night to an evening of comfy pyjamas, pretty candles, glossy mags and doing my nails. Not very glamorous I know but just what I needed to relax.

Nails Inc Couture personalised varnish, £20, c/o Diet Coke
The lovely guys and girls at Diet Coke sent over some of these treats to promote a fantastic new offer that they've got going on. For every special promotional pack you buy of Diet Coke until 30 March, you can get a free copy of Look or Now magazine to take a little break with. Perfect.
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