Monday, 24 February 2014

BotW: Glam Glow mud mask samples

Super Bright Glamtastic try before you buy, £13, Glam Glow
What do you think Miley Cyrus, Michael BublĂ© and Natalie Portman have in common?

Other than being absolute superstars, they're all fans of Glam Glow mud!

I was introduced to these face masks back in December at a Marks and Sparks event in Cardiff and, although I haven't tried them yet, the sales girl who was talking about them was literally in love with Glam Glow. That's not even an overstatement either - she was so enthusiastic about these mud masks! And for good reason too, Glam Glow's products are seriously impressive.

Only thing is, it's a little bit pricey if you aren't totally sold on it yet - but the clever guys and girls at Glam Glow have already thought of that: they have a cute little try before you buy set of their Youthmud, Supermud and Brightmud treatments for just £13, and you get a discount code for your next purchase too.

*But* Latest in Beauty has gone one better - they put a sneaky little treat into their newsletter over the weekend, offering the chance to buy the sample set and get one free. All you have to do is enter REDCARPET at the checkout before 1 March. Bargain!

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