Thursday, 2 January 2014

Time for a change

Be mine watch c/o Lego; Clover bracelet c/o Cruciani
Brace yourself for a bit of a heavy blog post! 2013 was my self proclaimed year: I pushed myself to start achieving all the things I've wanted for a long, long time and although I'm not quite there yet, I'm getting pretty close - or at least I hope I am anyway.

Last year I set myself a list of 26 things to do before I hit 26. I think I got about half way through before realising that I didn't actually want most of the things I'd written down. So this year, I've cut it down to just five little resolutions.

1. Make more time for the things that matter

I am a worrier to the point of distraction, and trust me, this is not a good way to live. I want to make more time for myself, my family and friends - and forget about all those silly little dramas and problems that no one will remember in 20 years time.

2. Make more of an effort

This is going to sound more than a little vain but I am sick of having a drawer full of unused beauty products. My work day usually hits 11 hours including commuting, so I scrape my hair back and stick to comfy jumpers.

I have tons of clothes and just find myself wearing the same easy things all the time. But I want to change; 2014 is going to be the year where I don't sport chipped nail polish for days on end and do more than just dry my hair in the morning.

3. Visit at least three countries

This worked out pretty well last year: I saw Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium and the Canary Islands. So far, I've got a trip to Morocco planned in a few weeks and after that who knows, the world really is my oyster!

4. Lose those last couple of pounds

April marks the first wedding of the year for me and I am thoroughly determined to finally get down to my target weight by then *fingers crossed*

5. Do something scary

This is a work in progress but whether I end up finally going up the Eiffel Tower (gulp) or making the leap to move away from this little old city I'm in, I'm determined to do something utterly terrifying but oh-so worthwhile in the long run. 

Resolutions aside, things are going to change on this little site too. Next week the blog will be sporting a new look and I'm hoping to push it on to bigger, brighter things. Stick around, it's going to fun!

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