Monday, 20 January 2014

Bargain of the week: M&S multiway dress

Just a few ways to wear the Slinky multiway dress, £55, Marks & Spencer
I usually detest multiway/reversible things. Not sure why - it's probably a completely irrational thing - but for some reason they just seem to turn my nose up!

When this dress landed in my inbox, I automatically dismissed it, thinking it was going to be, well, minging. Absolutely minging. But I hold my hands up, I was wrong, it is amazing! And what a bargain too - £55 for a dress that goes five ways. That's £11 a dress, which in fashion maths means it's a total steal, I swear. I'm ordering one for my upcoming Moroccan: it goes from day to night so easily and will be the perfect suitcase space saver!

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