Thursday, 23 January 2014

5 beauty basics to keep on your bedside table

1. Kerala bedside table, £199, John Lewis; 2. Capri side table, £189, Laura Ashley
3. Garrat Chesnut Butlers Tray Table, £126, Laura Ashley;
4. Bretagne white beside unit, £119.99, Dunelm
One of the best and worst things about being 26 is being grown up enough to buy your own furniture. I mean, sure, I'm not *actually* purchasing anything for myself right now, but helping friends fill up their lovely new homes has been pretty fun for the last months.

In the spirit of the new year, new beginnings business, I've been having a big clearout. My eBay account has been fit to bursting and I've got rid of a ton of old eyeliners and dodgy nail varnishes. After looking at a million and one beautiful home catalogues, I made the decision to clear off my bedside table too, only leaving my five absolute essentials.

1. Water

Never, ever wake up thirsty. Drinking water is the best thing you can do to keep your skin looking gorgeous so stay hydrated!

2. An alarm clock

One of the worst things I've ever done for my sleep patterns is buy a smartphone. I turn off the light, fully intending to drift off, but then find myself reading blogs and looking at Pinterest. So I've made the big (alright, not that big) decision to invest in an alarm clock and switch my phone off! No pins, no blogs, just snoozes.

3. Hand cream

A good thick moisturising cream is a must have, especially in the winter. I absolutely adore Soap and Glory's Hand Food at the moment, it soaks in really quickly and the smell is pretty but not overpowering.

4. Night cream

I mentioned in my Skyn Iceland review on Tuesday how much I love Body Shop's Vitamin E night cream - it's brilliant! My face dries out like anything in the winter and this is an absolute life saver. It's only £11 and lasts for ages too.

5. Make up remover

Never, ever be too lazy to take off your make up. I've read enough things about clogged pores and gunk getting into your eyes to know that this is probably the worst thing you can do for your skin. Except for tanning. Probably. So spare a moment, take it off!

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