Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Midweek treat: M&S Hi Heel Hosiery

Hi Heel Hosiery cushioned 10 denier spotted tights, £9.50, Marks and Spencer

Every time I wear heels I have to stuff them full of those little gel stickies. Seriously, I cannot cope with even the slightest toe twinge. Even if you can walk in six inch stilettos, there comes a time of the day (or night) when you're bound to start aching. But those clever little designers at M&S have a very stylish solution for us.

Now that the party season is starting to come around (yes, it is - don't be a Grinch, my work do is next week!), these tights from Marks and Sparks are going to be an absolute lifesaver. Each leg has a little pad built into it to cushion the ball of your foot. And they have a special toe design to keep the padding in place while you strut your stuff. Coupled with the fact that it is near impossible to ladder Marks and Spencer tights (I mean you'd have to take a pair of scissors to them), these are a more than a midweek treat, they are a seasonal must-have.

Hi Heel Hosiery tights are between £6 and £12, come in a range of patterns and colours, and are available in 10, 40 and 100 denier.

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