Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Midweek treat: Laura Mercier hand cream

Laura Mercier hand creme sampler collection, £20, John Lewis
I am obsessed with Laura Mercier at the moment. I had never tried anything from the brand until I was given a few samples by the lovely guys at the John Lewis PR event a few weeks back (ahem, not that I'm bragging...), and then another arrived in last month's Birchbox

Everything is great but the one thing that has really stood out for me is the almond coconut milk hand cream. My first reaction when I tried it was to text one of my besties squealing (side bar: can you squeal via text?) that it smelt so good I wanted to lick it off my hands. Seriously. *That* good.

It's a brilliant moisturiser too, and, what with the dropping temperatures, a pretty good investment to boot. It absorbs really quickly and you only need the smallest bit to keep your fingers in tip-top shape. I usually go through hand cream like nobody's business but one application of this was enough to last me all day.

Each tube is £13 but for £20 you could treat yourself to an early Christmas present and try all four flavours (almond coconut milk, crème brulée, crème de pistache and fresh fig). Yum.

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