Friday, 8 November 2013

Beanie and gone

I just don't get the beanie thing. Speaking as someone who can remember the 90s - and all of its fashion delights - pretty well, I can't quite understand why this particular accessory would re-emerge. But I'm pretty sure it's all down to this little lady.

Image (c)
2013 has been the year of Cara Delevingne. Everything she's worn/done/seen/eaten the fash pack have wanted to experience too. And sadly that list includes wearing knitted head gear. Maybe it's my age but I just can't see the attraction in going out in a tracksuit with a big pom pom on top of your head even if it is all branded Abercrombie or Jack Wills.

What do you think? Am I just showing my age or are you a beanie hater too?

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