Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September wishlist: Clueless school couture

I have made what can only be called a horrific discovery: three people I know under the age of 23 (also, bizarrely, all with the same name) have recently told me that they haven't seen the gem of 90s cinema that is Clueless.


My first reaction was "Ugh, as if you haven't seen it!" (talk about a lost reference there...)

Not only does the film define a generation of fashion but Cher herself has like, totally the best outfits ever of any high school movie. Just see for yourself:

If you haven't watched this film, get yourself the DVD asap for a masterclass in what you should be wearing this Autumn. Don't be an ensembly challenged Monet, watch, make notes, then get yourself to the shops pronto.

1. Perfect shirt, £35, Next; 2. Lilac check a-line short skirt, £36, Topshop
3. Check longline blazer coat, £85, Asos; 4. Two pack knee high socks, £3, Matalan
5. M&S Collection beret, £5, Marks and Spencer
Beverly Hills photo (c) Jon Lee Clark

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