Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Midweek treat: puppies and kilts

Cue showbiz voice: Hi and welcome to a new segment here on Chic & Cheerful: the mid-week treat! Showcasing the best of my shopping wishlist, things to eat, things to just anything that takes my fancy which I think you'll enjoy too.*

This week, I'm having a complete back to school autumn moment: I have this strange urge to watch Gilmore Girl reruns and visit New England. And, to be completely honest, eat a massive plate of french toast. So my bookmarks have turned into a preppy puppy printed heaven, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of lace up ankle boots.

1.Quilted dog sweat, £35, Topshop 
2. Dune Pretenders lace up leather brogue ankle boots, £89, John Lewis
3. Mini kilt, £30, ASOS
*There's a very good chance some type of tea will turn up here soon!

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