Monday, 5 August 2013

Bargain of the week: Kate Middleton's Issa dress at Banana Republic

L: Issa London for Banana Republic; R: Kate Middleton in her £550 Issa engagement dress
While mama of the moment Kate Middleton is off bonding with her beautiful newborn boy, Banana Republic have been working hard with Issa to create a gorgeous new diffusion line.

Issa stole headlines back in 2010 when the Duchess of Cambridge wore *that* dress in her engagement pictures. Now, while you can snap up a cute copy of the blue wrap dress as part of this high street line, the whole collection really is worth a look. These are dresses worth investing in - they're beautifully cut, sport some fantastic prints and are totally summer friendly.

The Issa collection will be available in Banana Republic stores and online as of Thursday 8 August. Prices start at £75.

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