Saturday, 13 July 2013

Introducing: Susie Faulks

Susie Faulks' one of a kind oilcloth bags
Susie Faulks is a country girl through and through - her love of pattern and colours comes from growing up on a dairy farm in the Great British countryside.

She started sewing back in the 70s, making her first designs on her grandmother's old Singer sewing machine: faded velvet curtains were turned into coats and hats, old sheets were upcycled into tie-dyed dungarees and any other scraps of fabric were turned into some of Susie's very first handbags.

This cutie's not for sale!

All of this rich upbringing is what has inspired Susie's current range of retro feel bags. They're on par with Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater's iconic designs and the lovely fabrics are made in England in small print runs by a family run factory, making them limited edition too!

A committed vegetarian of 25 years(!), all of Susie's products are free from animal products and PeTA approved.

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