Friday, 19 July 2013

Easy beauty tips for warm weather

(c) Mike Monaghan
It's been so quiet on the blog this week you could almost hear the tumbleweed. That is if the air was actually moving here in GB. My excuse? I'm too hot. Too hot to blog, eat, sleep, work - too hot for anything. This heatwave has made me seriously lazy with my beauty regime too, so I thought I'd share some top tips for making your life a little lazier *ahem* easier.

1. Store in your vege
table drawer

Put your creams, moisturisers,toners, foundations, lotions and potions in the fridge. It's a great little morning wake me up, and they will slide on super smoothly.

2. Water, water all around...

Drink it, spritz it, whatever - just make sure you stay hydrated and happy. Your skin will thank you later.

3. Braid it
Work this year's big hair trend and swish those locks out of your face into some cute braids.

4. SPF - yesPF

 Oh god, that's the worst headline I've ever written. I mean...oh, wow, the heat is clearly destroying my brain. Anyway. You need a good UVA and UVB protecting sun cream if you're heading out in hot weather. For your face, switch to an SPF lip balm and sun-protecting tinted moisturiser or foundation.

5. Go waterproof
There's nothing worse than smudgy sweaty make up. Keep it perfect by wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

6. Don't lose your cool

 Rub on a bit of a cooling aloe vera moisturiser (try Vaseline Intensive Care's aloe fresh body lotion) before bedtime for a zingy treat that will pep up your skin and help you relax.

7.Ex-foli-ate (Yes that is a Doctor Who reference)
Wanna keep that tan? Make it last longer by exfoliating regularly - and it'll unblock your pores too!

8. Hydrate your hair
There are lots of UV protecting leave-in conditioners on the market. If you're planning a day at the beach, comb it through to avoid dry ends.

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