Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The first shoes I fell in love with...

I'm not really a shoe person.

I'm typing this while sat in front of an open wardrobe which, if it could talk - or read - would now be screaming at me, "Really?! Really, you're not a shoe person?" To be honest, I just happen to own a lot of shoes, all of which I need. For living, and stuff. Ahem.

We all remember a pair of shoes that we just adored as a child. For some it might be a muddy green welly, for others it might be a shiny red pump. For me, it was a pair of soft white leather sandals.

All that remains of my favourite shoes: two bad photos and an everlasting sense of style
I don't know what it was about these shoes but I was totally and completely in love with them. They were perfect, pretty, little girl shoes, with a red flower embroidered on each toe. Teamed with a floral dress and cardigan (with a dog knitted on the pocket), they were my top summer ensemble. In fact, I loved them so much, that when I spotted these Swedish Hasbeens for H&M a few years back, I knew they would have a happy place in my wardrobe.

What were your favourite shoes as a little one? I'd love to hear!

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