Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why be a GEEK or a NERD when you can be Polite?

Back through the mists of time, when I was a teenager (sidebar: it wasn't *actually* that long ago but I do like to set a dramatic scene), I was called a geek/nerd/swot/loser on a daily basis. And those were just the names my sister used.
It's hip to be square (apparently): Dweeb crop (£7), Geek crop (£10), both Topshop
Jokes aside, I wasn't exactly the most popular kid at the local comprehensive school so it really kind of bugs me that it is so cool to be a nerd these days. If someone had told me that this would happen when I was reading sci-fi and eating lunch at my desk, I would have snorted in derision. And then felt all high and mighty for using a word like derision.

Nothing wrong with good manners. Polite tee, Brashy Couture
So, in an act of fashion solidarity with my teenage self, I will be sporting this tee in the very near future. Being polite is way cooler than being RAD and wearing fake glasses - or, judging by the way my life has gone, it will be in ten years' time.

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