Friday, 10 May 2013

Kiera Knightley and the recycled wedding dress

Before I start, I just have one thing to say about our friend Kiera: until last week I couldn't stand her. Not for any reason in particular, I just didn't get on with her acting style. Especially in Pirates of the Caribbean a.k.a. the one where Kiera faints for attention ALL THE TIME. Yeah, doing wonders for feminism there Elizabeth Swann. Oh, and Love Actually. Seriously honey, you just got married, don't go smooching Rick Grimes like that. You're totally leading him on. Eugh.

Now and then [Image (c) People]
Anyway, while evidently no one else seems to be as bothered by Ms. Knightley's characters as I am, no one's been that bothered about her style either. She's one of those red carpet types who, don't get me wrong, always looks fabulous but I can't think of that anything she's worn that really made her stand out. Until now.

Unless you've been stuck on another planet (or possibly just without wifi) for the last week, you'll know that young Kiera has just got married. In a recycled dress. I know, I know, I can hear you gasping in shock: a celebrity wearing something more than once. Why it's unheard of! How dare she! Except, let's be honest, she looks so much better in it it this time round than back in '08. The Chanel dress is teamed with cute flats and a cropped jacket (also Chanel) specifically designed for the occasion. The flowers in her hair, wayfarers and charm necklace are all PERFECT. If I was going to get married, I'd so be wearing this outfit. Heck I might invest in a lookalike just for funsies. Hats off to you Kiera you're finally making your mark in the fashion world.

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