Thursday, 4 April 2013

Introducing Allium B

Phoebe, £110; Clara, £95; Susana, £125 - all from
There's no doubting it: I'm a dress girl. I own two pairs of trousers (three, if you count leggings - and I don't, although that's a topic for another post) and barely wear them. However, as much as I love flouncing about in pretty skirts and ballet pumps, it can get a bit same-y after a season of skater skirts and 50s styles. But new brand Allium B are about to reinvigorate my wardrobe. 

Based in Brighton, the cute store has just celebrated its first year of selling gorgeous, retro feel, go-anywhere dresses. Every single one of Allium B's styles is super flattering and beautifully made - just what you need when you're getting sick of the high street.
Perfectly Parisian: Eloise, £90

Allium B was started by sisters Clare and Mary Burgess, who designed the range to make the kind of dresses they knew women were looking for: “Dresses that aren’t too young, too old, too short or too long. Most women don’t have time to waste, they want versatile flattering dresses that can be thrown on for an instant outfit and accessorised to create their own style.” 

Having both built careers in buying for big names, Clare and Mary are the perfect women to create Allium B's "forever dresses".

"Our dresses come in natural fabrics, ranging from pure silk to Georgette, and take inspiration from vintage touches," say Clare and Mary. "We love beaded Peter Pan collars, intricate embroidery and lace, reworked into modern silhouettes. When deciding if a dress makes the final cut, we always ask ourselves ‘do we love it?’ If the answer’s yes, it’s in." And it's a big yes from me too ladies!

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