Monday, 8 April 2013

Bargain of the week: Swedish Hasbeens' debutants at Office

Drum roll please! The only shoes you will need to buy this summer are out now. Swedish Hasbeens have launched a new range of deubtants - offering their trademark bohemian designs, skimping on price but not perfection.

Swedish Hasbeens Savvanah, £79, Office
Ok, ok, wooden shoes may not be to everyone's taste but I have four very good reasons why you should invest in these:

1. Smart but casual
You can wear these with a floaty top and shorts in the day and a maxi dress in the night, therefore saving on holiday luggage so you can pack, er, more shoes!

2. Vintage-esque
When will vintage go out fashion? Never. It's vintage. The timeless style of these gorgeous sandals will match any 50s/60s/70s summer ensemble for years to come.

3. They last forever
Well maybe not *forever* forever but I've had a pair since the H&M collaboration back at the start of 2011 and even after I've worn them to death, they're still looking pretty darn good.

4. It's a bargain!
If you're reading this post it's pretty clear you, like me, cannot say no to a little bit of style thrifty-ness. Yes, £60+ is still a bit pricy but they are half the price of their big sisters. So what are you waiting for? Snap these babies up!

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