Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Transition into spring with ankle boots

Ecco Charm Lace Up Ankle Boots, Caprice Sarah Lace Up Ankle Boots
Marco Tozzi Olly Brogue Ankle Boots, Lotus Betony Black Leather Biker Boots
Lotus Campanula Ankle Boots, Unisa Tekel Suede Shoe Boots
It has become almost a tradition that the second the sun starts shining and there’s a glimmer of spring, I have a moment of wild optimism, leave my coat and winter boots at home, and spend the rest of the day deep in regret and freezing cold. Having learnt no lessons, this may be repeated many many times until spring actually does, well, spring.

Call it getting wise, call it trying to be a little more adult, but this year I’m not going to suffer the same fate. Which is lucky actually because it means a great excuse to invest in some ankle boots. Just think - you can still sneak on an extra pair of socks to keep your toes warm whilst wearing something much less cumbersome than your heavy winter boots. Not only that but now is a great time to pick some up in the sale and with the right styling they’ll transition all the way through to next winter. Genius, right? 

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