Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The one where I get all domestic

A perfectly pressed Alexander McQueen scarf fluttering in the Spanish sunshine
When I started Chic & Cheerful many moons ago, I did not for one second think that it would result in me reviewing a piece of household technology, but here we are.

Just before Christmas, the PR team at Phillips got in touch to ask me a fairly unusual question: would I like to review their new PerfectCare Xpress iron? Ok, so it might not be that unusual, they could have asked me to review their prototype sonic screwdriver (I so wish they had...). I mean an iron's an iron at the end of the day so what it could do for me and my admittedly extensive wardrobe - rather than the obvious, of course - I really wasn't sure.

But that wasn't all. They also sent me a scarf. No, sorry, that's a huge understatement. Not just any scarf, an extremely delicate Alexander McQueen silk scarf that they wanted me to iron. Flippin' heck.

So what did I think? Well, the thing with the PerfectCare Xpress iron is that it is actually pretty special: you don't need to change the temperature on it ever. It automatically adapts to any fabric you're pressing and won't damage it - at all. After tentatively scooting over the McQueen scarf, I think it's safe to say this thing is amazing: it made tech savvy me feel a bit like a caveman discovering fire. It saves a ton of time and takes care of your fashion favourites in a jiffy - well worth investing in.

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