Monday, 28 January 2013

Bargain of the week: Damart £5 thermal vests

I have a slight confession to make: while you were all enduring the snow last week, I was sunning myself in the Canary Isles. So while you may already be well used to being slightly damp and shivering all the time, I'm used to 22 degrees and summer dresses.

Damart camisole, £10 for two, Damart
Bragging aside (...sorry about that), these cute thermal camisoles were brought to my attention by Emerald Street on Friday afternoon and I'm sorely tempted by them on this blustery day. A fiver for a vest top is a bargain anyway (these come in a pack of two for £10) but these are guaranteed to keep you cosy too. Buy now to brave the rest of the winter months in style.

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