Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fashion with a conscience

Maybe it's the fact that I'm approaching a quarter of a century - *gulp* - or maybe it's because fashion is getting so much more mindful of itself, but there seems to be a lot more style with high morals on my radar these days. Just take these beauties for example:

Bing Bang set of arrow head rings, £54, ASOS
1. ASOS Green Room
ASOS's platform dedicated to pioneering ethical and eco-friendly brands is, simply put, brilliant. Not only do they stock big labels like People Tree and Dr Bronner, but there are tons of exclusives too. I highly recommend Made jewellery, handcrafted in Africa, and Anna Sheffield's Bing Bang accessories.

Fair+True fair trade Erin dress, £75, fashion-conscience.com
2. Fashion-conscience.com
Fashion conscience stocks the best in organic, vegan, sustainable, recycled and fair trade. But what this online shop really does best is add a massive kick of colour and print to your wardrobe. Check out the gorgeous Fair+True or rely on good old Vivienne Westwood for some fancy footwear.

BHI JAE satchel, £225, Tommy Hilfiger
3. Tommy Hilfiger and BHI
Having a conscience isn't just about the environment, however. For the sixth consecutive year, Tommy Hilfiger is partnering with Breast Health International to raise awareness and funds for women who are fighting breast cancer. This oh-so Tommy Hilfiger style bag may be £225 but one third of that goes straight to the BHI.

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