Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Interview: Cecilia Lake, Graduate Fashion Week designer

Cecilia Lake (image from eBay)
Cecilia Lake was one of the stars of the University of Epsom's Graduate Fashion Week back in June, showcasing an elegant simplicity. 

After studying the 1930's photographer and journalist, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Cecilia fell in love with her androgynous style which she found interesting and intriguing. She took Annemarie's masculine silhouette and combined it with elements of her extensive travels from Geneva through to Afghanistan, using a vintage silk Persian rug to drive the collection. This ethnic influence translated into the inspiration for the colour palette, print and fabric - to not only create a modern wearable womenswear collection but a statement in itself.

I spoke to Cecilia about style, fashion week and what's next.

Chic & Cheerful: Hi Cecilia! So for the readers, can you please describe your style? What do you love to wear?
Cecilia Lake: My style is classic: I love tailoring and elegant silhouettes. It's understated but with a bit of fun and colour as well.

C&C: Where are your favourite places to shop?
CL: I love the Scandinavian influence of Cos and Acne - they are a couple of my season after season favourites. Otherwise London markets are great, you never know what unique things you're going to pick up which is part of the fun of shopping and fashion - the unexpected.

C&C: When did you decide you wanted to go into fashion design?
CL: When I was just three and refused to let my mum dress me for play school!

C&C: So how did you start your career? Where did you train?
CL: Whilst at university in London I worked on Savile Row learning how to construct suits at an unrivalled standard. I learnt so much, it was an incredible experience.

C&C: Who is your favourite designer? Who do you admire most in the fashion industry?
CL: Great things always come from Marni and Celine, they are both, in their own way, great with colour, print and proportion whilst keeping things sleek and feminine. 

Cecilia Lake designs
C&C: Who is the 'girl' for your new collection?
CL: This androgynous but elegant and adventurous woman.

C&C: What's your favourite piece from the collection?
CL: I love the silk printed shorts, you could wear them anywhere and look great.

C&C: What was your typical day like leading up to Graduate Fashion Week?
CL: A bit crazy. It was a lot of hard work creating it all and overcoming the many problems of the day - whether they were in the studio or had me dashing out around London. There were highs and lows, but it was mostly good fun and I really felt I achieved something everyday.

C&C: What was it like backstage? How did you feel when your clothes hit the runway?
CL: I just tried to stay out of the way! The dressers and models knew what they had to do, it was out of my hands at that point which was a weird feeling. I could only hear the music backstage as the models went out and this moment I'd been working towards for so long had arrived, it was a feeling I'll never forget! 

C&C: What's next for Cecilia Lake?
CL: I'm staying in London for now and designing and working on my next collection which is very exciting - my official debut I suppose!

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