Monday, 10 September 2012

Flying houses by Laurent Chehere

There's nothing better than spending a rainy Monday evening snuggled up in the warm looking at inspirational images. Tonight's lot come from the Flying Houses series by Laurent Chehere.

Image (c) Laurent Chehere
The series of manipulated photographs, inspired by the 19th and 20th arrondissement of Paris, showcases a different lifestyle in each image. From burning buildings to modern suburbia, this is so much more that just a nod to Pixar's Up. The result of taking such normal buildings (or what we take for granted as 'normal' anyway) out of their bustling surroundings and placing them against a cloudy sky is awe inspiring.

Image (c) Laurent Chehere
Flying Houses was first displayed at Dock en Seine City of Fashion and Design where it won the Prix Special. From 25 October to 4 December, Parisian gallery Galerie Paris-Beijing will be showing Chehere's work.

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