Saturday, 14 July 2012

Four new ways to wear neon

Neons are just so awkward, aren't they? Unless you're some mega cool fashion follower, chances are you'll struggle to fit these brights into your wardrobe.

Now I've tried all kinds of combinations and, until recently, I thought getting fluros to work with my pale skin was a bit of a futile effort. That was, of course, until I discovered you don't necessarily have to rock the brightness of the sun to still be wearing neons. So, to carry on this weekend's colourful posts, here's some tips and tricks I've picked up on how to add a bit of a warmth to your style.

1. Bling it up
Contrast the colour with a bit of sparkle for a, dare I say it, classy touch.

2. Wash it out
Acid wash, faded or bleached, there are some great lighter shades which are a lot easier to wear than traditional neons. Try coral or mint chinos for a retro feel.

3. Tone it down
White and beige are great here, especially when it comes to matching orange or pink. Rather than sticking to the big pop of colour, you can soften the shades and make your look more feminine.

4. Compare and contrast
Don't just look to white or black as your staple with neons, opt for navy-blues or grey marl to keep it fresh.

Shopping list
Left: Bracelet, £15, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson; Marni earrings, £200, NET-A-PORTER; Necklace, £17.50, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson
Right image: Organza prom dress (top), £60, Topshop; Melissa Galactic flats, £30, ASOS; Lace tank, £154, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Sally stripe dress (bottom), £75, Boutique by Jaeger

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