Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Skin care solution for humid weather

One of the, ahem, "perks" of having a warm, damp summer in the UK, is getting to frantically solve new beauty problems by mixing together some of the products in my old beauty box.

Because it's been so humid lately, I've found that my usual moisturiser just won't cut it. It sits on top of my skin, unwilling to be absorbed, no matter how thin a layer I apply. So, after trying various serums, creams and primers under my make-up, I stumbled upon what has turned out to be the brilliant concoction of Body Shop's vitamin E moisture serum (30ml, £10, The Body Shop) and Sanctuary's Therapists facial oil (30ml, £17.35, Boots).

Simply add one pump of the serum to a few drops of the oil and mix on the back of your hand. Apply the thin solution to your face, et voila! You'll have a new moisturising treat which will leave your skin hydrated with no room for oiliness. Perfect for coping with humiditiy or for a quick nourishing fix.

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