Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to cope with a bad haircut

I've recently made two hair mistakes. The first comes in the form of a bad haircut. I mean it's not can't go out in public awful or anything but it is going to take a while to grow back into anything resembling a style. My hairdresser was, er, shall we say misguided, when chopping my lovely locks off. She managed to mistake one inch for two and gave me my worst hair nightmare: a mini fringe *queue wolf howling, shutters banging, wind blowing etc*.

Don't worry it's not this bad!
The second mistake was, in fairness, entirely my fault. I accidentally dyed my hair a weird purgatory stage between brunette and blonde. For some bizarre reason .3 of a shade's difference in my box dye provider of choice's range turned out to be a whole different colour altogether when applied to my hair.

Now I know this all sounds rather vapid to the uninformed eye but honestly this isn't just a post about me being supremely vain. The thing with hair is that it really can be a girl's crowning glory. Having nice hair makes you feel good about yourself and this funny little look I'm rocking just makes me a bit blah.

But, it's at times like these I remember two things: one is Sabrina the Teenage Witch telling her mate Jenny, "hair grows" when she chops off her mega curly locks; the other is a quote from my favourite fictional character of all time: Elle Woods.

Elle Woods speaks hairspiration
"You see there’s this salon in Beverly Hills. It’s really fancy and beautiful but it’s impossible to get an appointment. I mean unless you’re Julia Roberts or one of the girls from Friends you can just forget it. But one day, they called me. They had an opening. So I was finally going to get the chance to sit in one of those sacred beauty chairs. I was so excited. 

Then the colourist gave me Brassy Brigitte instead of Harlow Honey. The shampoo girl washed my hair with spiral perm solution instead of colour intensive moisturising conditioning shampoo. Finally, the stylist gave me a bob, with bangs. Suffice to say it was just wrong, all wrong, for me, you know? 

First I was angry and then I realised my anger was completely misdirected. I mean this wasn’t the salon’s fault. I had sat there and witnessed this injustice and I had just let it happen. I didn’t get involved in the process. I forgot to use my voice. I forgot to believe in myself but now I know better. I know that one honest voice can be louder than a crowd. I know that if we lose our voice or let those who speak on our behalf, compromise our voice then this country, this country is in for a really bad haircut."

So if you're suffering at the hands of a bad haircut (or mustering up the energy to change US legislation), just remember Elle's words. You may be rocking some dodgy locks for a few weeks but it's really not the end of the world.

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